Here is a list of my published (and forthcoming) works, both original and translated.


1. The City and the Poem (original; published in Bengaluru Review, 2020, page not available)

2. Words, Words, Words (original; published in EKL Review, Issue 6, 2022)

3. In Gratitude (original; published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, 2022)

4. If You Do Not Give That Name (translation; published in Another Chicago Magazine, 2022)

5. The Parakeet and the Hunter-Boy (translation; published in Kyoto Journal, KJ103, 2022)


1. The Water-Seed of the Heart of the Sun (translation; in Modern Poetry in Translation, 2023)

2. Deer (translation; in Metamorphoses, 2023)

3. On a Rainy Evening (original; in Midway Journal, 2023)

4. A Prayer for Those Who Remain (original; in The Journal for Undiscovered Poets, 2023)