The Rain – An Ode

The rain the rain the rain the rain
an olden water is shining again
as it whirls and it curls and it pearls and unfurls
like a pageant of happy and beautiful girls;

bending and bowing to the wave of the wind
pervading – expanding – from above to mankind
playing and singing as it falls and it drops
imbuing the dying with livening sap;

seeking the silence – stretching past speech
expanding – outspreading a happier reach
dropping – unstopping – leaping and tapping
shaping – unshaping – refreshing – enwrapping;

flowing and growing, beautifully showing
inmoving – outmoving – flirting and skirting
tearing – unsparing – the mane of the sun
the rain has returned in celebration.

Recitation of the original Kannada poem I wrote:

Recitation of the English transcreation (you just read):

(written and translated in April-May 2016)

For more about the poems, see notes.

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